Choosing Safes for Homes and Businesses in Westerham

The locksmiths at Express Keys & Lock Services can supply safes for homes and businesses throughout the Westerham area. First patented as far back as 1835, safes have become an integral part of the security world and provide our Westerham clients with a reassuring way to protect their valuables. However, not all safes are the same. On this page, our locksmiths provide key information on some of the differences you’re likely to encounter.


  • Safes should be chosen to reflect the overall value of your personal valuables. While your budget will have an obvious role to play, our locksmiths recommend that you always choose the best possible safe you can afford for your money.

  • Home and business owners in Westerham should also consider the likelihood of attack before choosing one of our safes. We think it’s best to choose safes that are torch and tool resistant, and that have been tested on all four sides.

  • If you have valuables at your Westerham home or business, they should already be insured. Our locksmiths can supply safes evaluated into different classes that will meet any insured value. This provides our customers with total reassurance.

  • Deposit and drop safes are perfect for retailers, restaurants and businesses where large sums of cash are handled on a daily basis. These can be supplied with standard front door opening or with hoppers that allow cash or valuables to be ‘dropped in’.

  • The safes that our locksmiths supply for customers in Westerham are fire-rated. In the event of a fire outbreak, your valuables will be safe as long as you have chosen a product that has been tested and shown to have high fire-protection levels.

  • Safes are available that are specifically designed to protect documents and digital data. Most electronic storage devices have a low temperature threshold. Our locksmiths supply safes that withstand high heat and possible smoke damage.

  • Floor safes can be installed at properties in Westerham with high density concrete surrounds. Our locksmiths install floor safes in discrete areas and this makes it much harder for potential thieves to locate them during a break-in.


Our locksmiths are available to advise you further on safes. Call us now on 01689 850 008 to find out what we can do for your Westerham property.

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